London train tracker provides excellent model for CTA

Some Chicago Transit Authority-related news and notes:

While we wait for the CTA to get the kinks out of of real-time train tracker to rival its bus tracker, some chaps in London took the APIs of the London Underground and mashed-up an interactive map showing all trains and next arrival times. Of course, the CTA doesn’t offer that info for trains as it does for buses. We’ll look forward to the day we are so fortunate.

London train map-1.JPG

Artists wanted for Rogers Park viaducts. 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore is calling for entries from artists to design murals on five CTA viaducts: Columbia, Estes, Farwell, Greenleaf and
Pratt. Each winning artist will receive a $5,500 stipend. Hurry though. July 16 is the deadline.

Fireworks are on July 4. Did you hear the fireworks this year are on July 4, not July 3? Certainly the CTA and city are putting a lot of effort and money into letting us know about the date change. Don’t forget to check out added service and review the special CTA rules for the day, if you’re going via public transit.

Squeezing through at the Polk Red Line. This note comes from Robert about what he saw at the unmanned Polk Street Red Line entrance. And don’t get any ideas about trying this on your own.

“I noticed three early [thin] twenty-something yuppie females slipping through the space between the east wall and the vertical turnstile/gate. So that’s 3 non-paying passengers within seconds using the CTA for free. There are no customer assistants there, and I didn’t see any closed-circuit cameras there (although knowing Daley there very well could’ve been one or two there). I would like to see how many ‘freebies’ have made it thru that side of the station. I’m sure word has gotten around to people who work/go to school in that South Loop neighborhood.
I sent an email to CTA about this oversight, they emailed me back that my message had been forwarded to the Red Line management team. We’ll see what develops.”

Get on it, CTA!


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  • Another Joe Moore waste of money!
    All of those viaducts will be demolished as soon as the CTA gets the money to replace them!
    They're no different than the ones in Edgewater with the temporary bracing installed to hold them up from collapsing.
    To see what the rebuilt ones will probably look like, go to Main St. in Evanston!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Ha! Scooter, that assumes the CTA actually gets capital funding to repair / replace viaducts before the paint would start to peel on any new murals!

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    1. I know you're buddy-buddy with Moore, so I expected you to stick up for this.
    2. No, they will collapse before the CTA gets the money to replace them!
    Repair isn't an option, that 1922 concrete has something wrong with it. Maybe the experts at the Portland Cement Association on Old Orchard Rd could tell us exactly what's wrong. Plus the basic design is awful, with piers in the middle of the roadways, a total no-no in today's traffic engineering! Most of them have four sections, two short bridges over each sidewalk & two longer ones over the streets. Overly complicated! Hollywood, Bryn Mawr, Foster, Howard & two Sheridan Rd viaducts are the worst, with the one at Loyola/Sheridan the worst of all!
    Rebuilding the Howard station without replacing the viaducts was a typical exercise in CTA incompetence!
    Total replacement is required.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Scooter, it doesn't really matter whether I'm "buddy-buddy" with Moore. The fact is there's no money to replace those viaducts. So why not at least make them look better with a coat of paint?

    I certainly agree total replacement is necessary. No argument there. And if they were slated for replacement I would agree this is a waste of money. But they are not.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Because that $30,000 has far better uses here in Rogers Park than creating Potemkin Villages under the L!
    That could hire a page, maybe two, at the library to reshelve all the books that are sitting on carts or in the back due to Daley's cutbacks at the library!
    Again, it's a total waste.
    Moore is excellent at that!

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