CTA news pickup: Convention passes; Pink Line changes Saturday

Here are some news tidbits from the exciting world of the Chicago Transit Authority.

Visitor passes for McCormick Place conventioneers. The CTA hopes to raise revenues and ridership with the introduction of the C-Pass — an all-day convention pass for conference attendees. The pass would cost as little a $3 a day, but the catch is that the CTA would sell the pass to the show sponsor for every attendee. So, let’s say the National Restaurant Association has 100,000 attendees for four days. If the NRA signed up for the C-Pass, that would mean $1.2 million more in CTA revenue. Good idea, I just hope convention sponsors think so too.

New auxiliary entrance opened at Red Line Cermak station. A new entrance on Archer a block north of Cermak will serve Red Line passengers while the CTA rebuilds the main entrance on the north side of Cermak. An elevator also will be added. The $12.5 million project is funded with a portion of the $241 million in stimulus funding awarded last year to the CTA.

Pink Line stops before Loop Saturday night.
Due to maintenance work on the Lake Street Bridge, Pink Line trains won’t enter the Loop Saturday night from 9 pm till service ends around 1:30 am. According to the CTA: During this time, Green Line trains will be able to serve the Loop; however, a single track will be in effect for southbound trains between the Ashland and Clark/Lake stations. Southbound customers at the
Ashland and Clinton stations must board and exit Green Line trains from the northbound platform. Pink Line trains will operate normally between the 54th/Cermak and
Ashland stations.


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  • Actually, it's the eastbound & westbound platforms at Clinton & Ashland on Lake St.
    Calling them north & south is ludicrous, especially since the west leg of the line is 9 miles long while the south legs are less than 7 miles long.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    There seems to be some sort of CTA convention about this, as chicago-l.org also referred to the Douglas/Cermak branch as being northbound during the rebuilding, although at that time it was connected to the Blue, which then went sort of northwest after that.

    Saying though, that they are southbound Green Line platforms indicates that one side of the platform is both north and southbound, while not eastbound, which it is.

    The part I found ambiguous was "stops before Loop," since of course Clinton is a stop before the Loop. "Not entering the Loop" would have been clearer.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack is right. I'm the one who wrote "stops before the Loop." If you click through to CTA's release, they said the Pink would "not enter the Loop." Sorry.

  • For many years all CTA trains ran only north and southbound, despite the geography showing otherwise. Transit operations still uses north and southbound.

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