Artist goes hat in hand to fund Blue Line subway animation project

Chicago artist Nick Azzaro has the vision and plan to install an animated art project in the Blue Line subway between Clark/Lake and Washington. All he needs now is $17,500 to pay for the materials.

And he’s not shy in asking for donations

Here’s what Nick says about the project:

An animation in the subway would expose the riders to art during an otherwise mundane commute. My hope is to inspire, promote public transportation and spark conversation in a place that is usually quiet and detached. As the train goes by the animation at 30 mph, lights expose the 360 images on the wall, therefore acting as a film projector or what many of us have experienced in a flipbook.

The images are digital photography with my illustrations, layered and animated in a software program. The figures and parts of the body are painstakingly placed separately to give it the ability to “move” in the final product. Each image will be approximately 4 feet tall (depending on the venue site limitations). This particular project is about societal positions and decisions we make. The backdrop is from a photo of the city’s skyline taken from my rooftop.

And he posted this video:


I’m all for public art, and for compensating the artist for his work. So go ahead, donate a few dollars. 


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  • does the blue line travel fast enough between washington and clark/lake for this to work? it might work better on the red line.

  • I'm glad to see Blagojevich finally found work as a cartoon character.

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