Update on Cermak/Chinatown Red Line station construction

Leo recently asked CTA Tattler for an update on the construction work to rebuild the Cermak/Chinatown Red Line station, in the aftermath of the 2008 truck accident that killed two people in the station.

The CTA board gets a monthly construction report, from which the following information is drawn. Leo specifically asked about status of the stairs and escalator.

The reports notes that construction started in November 2009 and is scheduled to take 15 months. The $12.5 million project includes:

  • New auxiliary entrance at Archer Avenue
  • New station house with new revenue equipment, elevator, escalator, and bike racks at Cermak entrance
  • Full ADA compliance for the station.

The new stairs, escalator and elevator should be completed by Dec. 31.

Cermak construction.JPG

Stationhouse steel is erected at the Cermak station. (CTA photo)


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