Sleeping girl makes puddling mess; grooming woman prefers stick deodorant

News from the CTA etiquette front. Or shall I say, lack of etiquette.

First, my daughter related this after-school train story. All was quiet until she heard:

“Crystal! I knew I did not want you falling asleep on this train because I knew you would have to go to the bathroom.”

Everyone in the train car looked up to see a heavy stream of urine coursing down the grooved walkway of the rail car. Riders were dancing gingerly around the rivulets.

Neither mom nor 7-year-old daughter seemed too alarmed otherwise. Mom wrapped a sweatshirt around her waist and they stepped off the train. 

deodorant application.jpg

Grooming run amok. Meanwhile, one morning this week a friend from work spied a woman doing the all-too-common groom rituals on the Red Line:

  • First she carefully brushed and braided her hair.
  • Then carefully applied makeup to her face.
  • And to top it off, she pulled out her stick deodorant and rubbed up her pits. But at least she tried to be “subtle” about it. She unearthed a floppy hat out of her shopping bag and used it to try and “shield” her pit application from other riders.

Ummm, sorry. That didn’t work.

And this may be the only week I used the word “deodorant” twice in a headline on this blog.

May it be the last.

(Photo from Jupiter Images)


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  • As I said yesterday, Scott Lee Cohen's S.L.U.T. would be cleaner than an L car.

    Pace Moving Forward had an item stating "If an incident occurs requiring an immediate cleaning while the bus is on the road, the bus is pulled from service for the safety and comfort of
    passengers on board and a second bus is dispatched to
    replace it on the route."

    Sort of sounds necessary on the L, although I don't know how one accomplishes that.

  • The operator is notified. The control center is notified, a supervisor is dispatched to the next station. The operator removes all passengers from that car, the doors are disabled, the supervisor assures that no one re-enters the car, and the rail car pair would be cut out for cleaning upon arrival at the terminal.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    Sortta got a problem until the train reaches the terminal, though.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    Then you have the fingernail clippers. Just ... disgusting.

  • In reply to leobaz:


    Continuing on the urine and deodorant theme, but on a much more pleasant note: the South Blvd Purple Line station used to smell like pee all the time. In the last few years the station attendant has made a point not only to make sure the station stays clean, but also to use some sort of really pleasant-smelling air freshener. I thanked him recently and he said he was glad I had noticed, to which I replied how could I not have noticed. It's almost a pleasure to be there.

  • In reply to marthat3:

    I got an a minty fresh smelling bus a couple of weeks ago. It was pleasant until I realized it smelled like that because the driver was flossing.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Maybe the CTA dental plan isn't all that great. Let's give the driver kudos for taking care of his/her gums! :P

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    For some reason, when I first saw this item I thought it said "pudding mess". I have seen a pudding mess on a train before. The person eating the pudding fell asleep and dropped his pudding cup. It mostly got on his white pants, though.

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