Ride the WHAT? An unfortunate ad juxtaposition, or not?

There’s really not much for me to say about this, except it’s good this is NOT a CTA ad. SLUT stands for South Lake Union Trolley in Seattle. Thanks for sharing, Mu.

ride the SLUT.jpg


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  • Maybe if Scott Lee Cohen is elected, he'll bring this to Chicago. Would probably be cleaner than an L car before 2007.

  • Reminds me of the slogan used to promote Tahoe.

    Go Tahoe or "got a hoe"

  • This has been called the South Lake Union Street Car since before it was completed. You are being played.

  • In reply to FrankCampo:

    Frank, I understand SLUT is not the "official" name. However, it definitely is the popular name given to it by locals.

    Read the Seattle Post-Intelligencer story from late 2007:

    SLUT -- Streetcar's unfortunate acronym seems here to stay

  • In reply to FrankCampo:

    Omaha's bus agency is legally the "Transit Authority of the City of Omaha," but it does business as "Metro Area Transit," presumably to save its riders the embarrassment of riding the TACO in public.

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