Purple Line trains now appear on next-train signs at Belmont

Ask and ye shall receive?

Earlier today I wrote about my friend who switched from the Metra to the CTA, and was thrilled to do so. She mentioned one thing she liked about the CTA is the next-train arrival signs at Belmont.

But someone mentioned that the Purple Line trains didn’t show up on those signs. They do now. Photo by Catherine.

Belmont next train signs.jpg


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  • whoooo hooooo! I noticed this on my way home last night and felt like a fool for my post yesterday :)

  • Jason, the CTA this month is finishing installation of at least one camera at every station.

  • There are still some bugs. When I got to Belmont Friday afternoon, it said there was a Purple Line to Howard arriving in 2 minutes and a Purple Line to Linden in 7 minutes. When a Purple Line train came in two minutes, it had a Linden (not Howard) destination sign and in fact went all the way to Linden.

  • As much as I like these signs, the CTA should have put a bit more thought into sight lines before placing them. The ones on the platforms, unless you are standing almost underneath them are impossible to see while remaining a safe distance from the edge of the platform.

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