Overheard existentialism; seen CTA realism

CTA Tattler started almost six years ago with the tagline; Things seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority. Today we return to our roots.

Overheard on the #80 Irving Park bus:

Two guys in their early 20s returning from the grocery store were engaged in a lengthy, convoluted intellectual conversation. Toward the end of their chat, the subject turned to their mutual work place.

One said to the other, “I consider work a waste of time. Not in a superficial way, dude, but an actual waste of my time. When I go to work, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. I feel like I’ve wasted eight irretrievable hours of my time on this Earth. And it’s not like I get anything out of my job. I’ve gotten more out of getting drunk than I’ve ever gotten out of that job.”

The other guy nodded and they got off at Western.

Seen on the the early morning Red Line:

An older woman – disheveled, unkempt — sat deviantly in the aisle glaring at fellow riders.

Then she hocked up and spit a big loogie. On the floor. In the aisle. More than once.

People sitting in front and behind seemed as one to bend into the aisle, examine her disgusting handiwork, and shake their heads in unison.


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  • I can't wait to steal the phrase "Not in a superficial way, dude."

  • But, Dude, how do you pay for getting more out of getting drunk if you don't work to make money, Dude. Spare me your navel-gazing douchebagness, Dude.

  • You wonder how existential "dude" is.

    However, the Red Line incident is more likely to be repeated 6 years later, as the pee in the pants post from about a week ago suggests.

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