CTA pulls new rail cars from service after finding potential brake problem

CTA pulls new rail cars from service after finding potential brake problem

After discovering a potential braking problem with the new Series 5000 rail cars, the CTA Thursday pulled the prototype cars from service on the Green Line.

While there have been no reported cases of brake failure, the CTA found that “under certain conditions a component was found to be affected by vibrations, which over time could result in a temporary loss of friction brake,” according to press release.

The CTA expects to resume live passenger testing on the Green Line in a few weeks. The Series 5000 rail cars were first tested for about a month on the Red Line.

Here’s my review of the new Bombardier cars — the good and the bad.

5000 series aisle crowd.jpg

(Photo by Max T-M)


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  • While they're in the shop, change the seats to the same configuration as the 3200s!

  • Thanks for keeping us updated! I've been wondering what happened to my new favorite form of transit... lets hope they keep up the digital signs that tell what time the next train arrives- love those!

  • The press release doesn't say this, but according to http://bit.ly/cBEc0e they knew about this for months and were just waiting on the parts to come in to fix it

  • This is a good thing. We want these types of issues to arise in testing, not down the road when we have to repair hundreds of cars.

  • off topic, but say goodbye to the "Go Lane!"


  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    Good riddance to the Go Lane!
    What good was it when it couldn't read a smart card at the same time someone was paying a fare through the farebox?
    Total incompetence!

  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    I've ridden this new L car twice: I HATE IT!! Less seats means more people will have to stand. Not comfortable. No one would want to stand on a crowded train for 10-30 minutes. I don't care if New York has this; this is CHICAGO! I want to sit!

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