Report the seat hogs, other boors; Toronto's paper's proposed etiquette campaign

Here are follow-ups to two posts from last week.

File a Violation Report. On my
about the new way to shift blame as a
seat hog, Mugen suggested in a comment that we report violators at
Violation Report
. The good folks there have a manual on
how to be
courtesy on public transit. Ordinarily I’m not so sure about public
shaming on the Internet reported anonymously, but I may change my mind
seeing this.

hand in pants-1.jpg

Toronto joins the fake etiquette ad crowd. Toronto’s National Post
was moved by Jayshell’s single-handed campaign to post rules on New
York’s subway system. So moved they
the Toronto Transit Commission kick off a civility
campaign with ads like these.

backpacks are not people


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  • 1. The ad is on point for your prior seat hog post.

    2. As I mentioned several weeks ago, Toronto was the only place where I saw courtesy exhibited on a bus on a regular basis. However, that was about 20 years ago. If they need that kind of campaign, it doesn't say much for the direction civility is heading.

    3. What's the guy in picture 1 reaching for in his pants? I think we know.

    4. If the ad is not a total Photoshop creation, it appears that Toronto has much better looking seats in its subway cars than Chicago is getting.

  • Meh... I rarely see backpacks on seats unless the car's pretty empty. I'd rather see a reminder that, if you're standing anywhere in the car, you should take the damn backpack off and put it between your feet. You have to be pretty damn precious to care about getting dirt on the bottom of your backpack.

  • In reply to BobS:

    I guess you don't like someone turning around and hitting someone else with a backpack.

    On the other hand, how is one going to convince a backpack owner that if he or she puts down the backpack, it isn't going to be stolen? At least the owner would feel the tug on his or her back if the pack is still there.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hence my words "between your feet."

  • In reply to BobS:

    Exactly. Not only are you going to feel your bag move if someone tries to take it, but you are also signaling to anyone tempted that you are aware of where it is.

    I know several people who've had things taken out of their backpacks when they were wearing them on their backs on the train.

  • In reply to BobS:

    Amen brother!

  • In reply to OrangeLineRider:

    Shoulder straps also can have a leg/foot put through/on them.

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