NYC guerrilla signs we wish we had in Chicago

NYC etiquette.jpg

New York City artist jayshells takes subway etiquette problems into his own hands with a guerrilla poster campaign on Metropolitan Transportation Authority trains, according to Animal New York.

Jayshells tells Animal:

“I surveyed 100 people on their top pet-peeves (not service related)
while riding the Subway. I narrowed the results down to the top ten most
occurring issues and rewrote them as a sort of list of rules. I
designed posters in the style of the Service Changes posters we see
everyday and silkscreened about 40 of each (400 total) and am currently
putting them up on trains throughout the city, throughout this week. I
encourage people to look out for them, and to take them before the MTA

What a wonderful idea, jayshells. Will you move here? Or adapt them to the CTA and we’ll take it from there.

This guerrilla poster campaign is more useful than the Pac-Man like graphics that popped up on CTA emergency signs in 2007.

PacMan emergency sign.jpg

Hat tip to Gothamist and DanX.


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  • These would be so much more effective if they were truly instated! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • I would like to think there are some MTA employees that see these and leave them up

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