Heard and smelled on the Red Line: Magnets and senior pot

Readers shared a couple Red Line experiences from last week. Benjamin tells this story:

A pair of Loyola students got on the new Series 5000 car  at
Chicago/State, and were wowed by the various new features: the LED
signs, the light-up system map, and the new floors.

But they were really impressed with the ride:

“This shit’s on air bags or something!”

“No way.”

“Seriously! Feel how much smoother it is? Or maybe it’s magnets!”

Their verdict was that the “boss train” was “fucking sweet.”

That same week, my daughter and Evan encountered four women who all
looked like they were related. One was in her late 20s, and the others
were in their 50s and 60s.

The older ladies were all wearing white Keds and Mom jeans. They were
talking and laughing.

Then within 15-20 seconds the unmistakeable taint
of pot came wafting from the group. Moira and Evan looked at each other
at the same time, wondering, “Now, which of these gals were smoking
weed? Or was it all of them?”


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  • I guess the Catholic-school kids still have the worst potty-mouths, eh? :)

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    That was always the case, going back to elementary school 45 years ago or so. I guess since they can't say it in front of the penguin,* they do it more outside.

    However, they were very perceptive that the cars must have a new suspension, which they must, since they have the "leveling" feature. And, as far as I can tell, Loyola doesn't have an engineering school.

    *Blues Brothers reference.

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    Don't mind me -- I heard some folks were having trouble with comments, so I'm testing here.

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