80-year-old knows what's what on the stroller bus scene

My wife hates strollers — the really large ones where people think it’s
part of their entitlement to bring them on buses and trains and block aisles.

The #80 Irving Park came by to pick
up my wife from work. Of course, she’s disappointed that it’s not the
#80X, but she’s learning to live with it.

At Kedzie, an elderly
woman — about 80 years old — boarded with an empty, folded, grocery cart. She boarded with her
free pass. As she proceeded down the aisle, the bus driver admonished:
“Please do your best to keep that cart out of the aisle.”

immediately snapped: “Yeah, OK, fine! Why don’t you say that to those
people who bring their strollers on board?”

I’m not going there,
Will you?


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  • dw9, there's a distinct difference between young parents who have utilitarian strollers that fold and the parents sit with their kids in their laps on transit, and the entitled parents who think they can fold up every seat intended for wheelchairs and actually YELL at elderly passengers that want to sit in those seats as they board the bus. Yes, I have seen this and it's disgusting.

  • Try a daily commute on the Fullerton #74 bus! between the parents with their kid's going to or from Childrens Memorial Hosp, and the people bringing their whole block of bay-bay's kids to go to Chuckie Cheese (damn that mouse) at Riverpoint Plaza, sometimes the bus is full of kids and their hardware, its like a baby furniture store !
    p.s. dw9, maybe you should move to the suburbs !

  • You're complaining about strollers?
    I was on a 151 where the driver used the lift to let on a woman pushing a stolen Jewel grocery cart.
    And while I'm sure that woman was homeless, it was still ridiculous for the driver to allow that cart on board. When I reported it to the CTA, the CTA CSR was flat out flabbergasted at this one. She had never heard of this happening before.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I've seen people take toilets, drywall, 2x4's, and other insane things from home depot onto the North Avenue bus.

    One guy told the bus driver to F off when he was told that he could not bring his side by side stroller onto a Belmont bus at rush hour. It was pretty sad.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I'm with SJ. We had the big stroller, used mostly when walking around and the small, foldup stroller for dashing in & out of places. Yes, I realize you can't use those the first few months; then we used the sling.
    We did have the big strollers in D.C. (a friend & I) and were told by attendants that we had to fold them while on the train. And we did. We didn't make faces and we certainly didn't tell him to F off.
    There is just an entitlement culture these days that I don't get. The CTA isn't your personal car, if you can't behave in society perhaps you need not ride.

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