Strange happenings aboard the Politeness Bus

Cheryl shared her story about a ride on Politeness Bus this week. Be sure and share your Crazy Commuting Tales too.

Cheryl’s story:

I managed to catch the Politeness Bus today. Which is much cooler than
the Santa train, btw. Young people jumped up and offered their seats to
everyone who looked to be over 50. I heard a lot of language I’m not
used to on transit–phrases like ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you.’ It was
really strange.


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  • Official, like the Santa Train, or just that some folks from Toronto happened to be riding the CTA today? (I mention Toronto because that is the only place where I saw such considerate behavior on the transit system.)

  • They didn't sound Canadian. And there was no "Politeness Bus" signage.

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