St. Paddy's parades cause bus reroutes this weekend

The Irish know how to party this time of year, and parades preceding some of those parties will result in bus service reroutes on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday after the river goes green, the downtown parade will cause temporary reroutes to these buses from 6 am till 3 pm:

  • #6 Jackson Park Express
  • #10 Museum of Science & Industry
  • #14 Jeffery Express
  • #124 Navy Pier#126 Jackson
  • #147 Outer Drive Express

On Sunday, the Northwest Side Irish Parade will reroute the #68 Northwest Highway bus from 11 am till 1 pm.

Am I a bad Irishman for never having attended a Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Or just smart since the weather is always so shitty?


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  • If you've seen any ethnic parade in Chicago, you've seen the St Patrick's Day Parade. Except for the bagpipes, which even as a fellow Celt, I would leave at home.

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