Readers contribute transit songs to ease the longer waits

On Thursday I wrote about transit songs to help pass time while enduring CTA service cuts. I noted the usual suspects, such as Magic Bus and Love Train.

And I asked you Tattler readers for some other suggestions. You came through. And here are some of your suggestions.

CCWriter suggests this piece from the Tracey Ullman Show. “And there’s a twist, so watch all the way to the end,” she urges.

James Reyes recommends Subway Train by the New York Dolls.

Martha suggests: “The Grooveline” by Heat Wave, especially the Red Line around midnight on a Saturday. “Party hard, there and back!”

More for the “indie kids” after the continuation. Cazimir says the indie kids should check these out:

Terynjay says don’t forget the Violent Femmes’ Waiting for the Bus.

Jimsey says Spadina Bus by the Shuffle Demons is the “Greatest Transit Song Ever…. Pure 1980s gold.”

Thanks for the contributions, folks!


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  • There all kinds of great train songs ,"Mystery Train", "The Midnight Special ", "Casey Jones ",The Orange Blossom Special",The Wabash Cannonball","Love In Vain".But it would be a stretch to apply them to commuter trains.However I checked the lyrics to ZZ Top's "Waiting For The Bus " and it doesn't sound like a long distance trip.But then again it is usually paired with "Jesus Just Left Chicago ".

  • Someone should do a Chicago version of "Spadina Bus" called "Belmont Bus". Also, a bit surprised that "Double Dutch Bus" isn't on here.

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