Quick review of Bus Tracker apps for phones

Since bus service was cut by about 20% on Feb. 7, there’s more reason than ever to use the CTA Bus Tracker to find out when your next bus will arrive.

The CTA’s own site works pretty well on by own BlackBerry, but I know
that iPhone and Android users often like to use apps specifically
designed for their device. And understandably so, since they are
generally optimized to display better and are usually slicker.

Here’s just a quick review of some of the apps out there. This is not
an exhaustive list, and I haven’t tried them. I’m just offering some
links for those who want to give them a shot. Let us know if I’m
missing some.

iPhone apps

Android apps


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  • Buster for iPhone is my favorite - everything loads super fast and the interface is beautiful.

    If you're on Android however, TreKing is the clear winner over CTA Tracker. It display more information and while not as pretty as Buster, it's definitely cleaner than CTA Tracker. AnyStop must be new because I haven't tried it out yet.

  • In reply to aczysz:

    Okay, I tested AnyStop. It's definitely the prettiness of the three, but it's slow and buggy. Treking is still king.

  • I have an Android phone, and I agree that while both good programs, TreKing is the one to have, and worth the money for the paid version.

  • @Kevin - Thanks for including TreKing! Just wanted to note that I have a dedicated website for the app at
    (the links provided are for androlib).

    @Andy - Thanks for the feedback - I'll be improving the app's interface in the future but for now I'm trying to focus on adding new, compelling features.


  • This morning, my iPhone's CTA Tracker and the CTA's site on my girlfriend's G1 were offering different arrival times - hers was right. I'd say it's usually a minute off. Might give Buster a shot just because it's pretty

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