Let's hear it for handyman who helped driver subdue hammer attacker

Three cheers for the South Sider who helped prevent the hammer attacker from escaping through the bus driver’s window. Hip hip, hooray!

It’s too easy to sit back and watch something horrible unfold in front of you, such as a bus fare cheat smack a bus driver in the head with a hammer when the operator has the temerity to request the assailant pay full fare.
It’s scary to jump into the middle of such a melee. That’s why the guy — who didn’t want to be named — deserves our thanks and high praise. 
From the Trib story:

The witness — a handyman who lives on the South Side — said the attacker tried to escape, but the witness said he helped prevent him from leaving until police were able to board the bus and make an arrest.

“There’s a point you have to do something,” said the witness, who added that he does not consider himself a hero.

Wow. I hope I can be as brave one day. Honestly, I hope I don’t have to be that brave one day.

Thank you.


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  • Really? No one has commented all day? Shout out to the handyman for intervening. Thoughts and prayers to the bus operator. I work a job where each and everyday I could be injured in the line of duty and it has nothing to do with my actual job. I know everyone is all exercised about CTA bus operators and their salaries, benefits, etc, but no one should be hit on the head with a hammer during their work day...especially when they are doing their job right. We all complain about fare evaders. This bus operator attempted to do something about it and is now hospitalized. There but for the grace of [insert whatever you believe in] go we....

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