Garden on flat bed rail car put off for a year

The CTA mobile garden — dreams of a fertile island of green cruising the elevated and subway tracks on a flat-bed rail car — have been dashed for one more year as the organizer tries to meet insurance mandates and gain more funding.

While Joe Baldwin didn’t make his goal of hitting the rails in April, he deserves kudos for his passion and stick-to-it-tiveness.

Here’s the announcement to his Facebook followers:

The current status is that the CTA has approved the mobile garden
project to move forward – this means we’ll be focusing on fulfilling the
insurance & funding requirements. This means the launch of the
mobile garden onto the L tracks will be set for Spring 2011 – pushing it
back was bittersweet, but after meeting with the CTA and knowing they
are on board it’s actually a comfort to know that we’ll be able to pull
it together safely and not rush things.

We’re introducing a new
element to the project – working with after school programs to have
students learn about stewardship and urban ag/hort and participate in
the installation of the plants onto the garden. If you have or know
about an after school program please call 773-789-7494 for more

We’re very proud to have secured the donations of
all the plants from Harvest Moon Farms, the USDA NCRS, and Midwest

You can follow the progress of this endeavor at the Mobile Garden Web site.

mobile garden crop.jpg


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  • Seems like a great idea, that's why it has so many holdups and delays. We will know for sure it is a great idea if it never gets done.

  • I just don't see this idea ever happening. I'll gladly eat my words if it does, but I just don't think it is realistic. Also, I was wondering what is to keep someone from jumping onto the car when it is stopped at a platform? Seems like a risk to me.

  • He should enter that Pepsi contest.Even if he doesn't win any funds,the publicity could help him get funds from other sources.

  • I have a better idea: Put it off until the 33rd Century!

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