Wallet thief proves to be one of CTA's better customers

A friend of mine did a stupid thing in a Loop fast food spot on Saturday: She left her open purse unattended on the chair next to her with her wallet on top in plain view.

Of course, the wallet was snatched by some thief.

But it turns out he is a thief who is an excellent and loyal CTA customer.

Within 20 minutes of the theft the thief had charged $46 on her debit card at the CTA Chicago-State Express Vending Machine. We figure that was for two $23 seven-day passes, Then a few minutes later he charged $25 at the same machine and location. Maybe he already had a transit card that he recharged with $25.

Then, according to her bank records, he ascended the stairs from the mezzanine level to street level. At the northwest corner of Chicago and State he entered Holiday Wines and Liquors and spent $9.08, no doubt on some fine alcoholic refreshment.

Thus ended the bastard’s CTA/alcohol spending spree.


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  • This happens pretty consistently. They also hit gas stations, fast food, and places where you can pay your ComEd bill.

  • I didn't have my wallet stolen but someone got hold of my debit card information right before Christmas. They racked up $300 worth of online singles clubs memberships (including one catering to Christians) before the bank shut them down.

  • At least he spent more on CTA cards than booze. :)

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