Twitter gives us this snapshot of effects of CTA service cuts

I looked at just a three-hour stretch on Twitter late Tuesday to see how the topic of CTA service cuts was trending in tweets. Here’s what I found. Hot stuff! Generally, people are not happy. And who can blame them.

Colin_Parsons CTA is really letting me down with these “less frequent” bus routes. The trains are packed too. What gives?

Here’s someone who wants to see the operators union do a slowdown:
JessyBunny Off to watch my kulit bowl 🙂 …I really dislike CTA bus drivers, you’re ahead of the tracker slow your roll!

And this person dislikes slow rollers:
DLuangrath Can CTA bus #121 move any slower?!! Who laid off the regular driver!

thecrapper f**k you CTA. I sure am witnessing train ride reduction. 4 redline trains northbound to 1 redline southbound in the past 15 minutes

Avoid the rush hour crowds – get your yogijones:
papercookie The new CTA bus schedule makes it pretty much pointless to leave work at 5. All the more reason to get my @yogijones before heading home!

She’s happy with Bus Tracker:
janet4wl55m1 riding the 148 home. CTA bustracker works like a charm. do airlines offer such real-time updates?

cahi0033 Public transit in Chicago is no longer a viable option for reliable mobility since CTA budget cuts.

mbwa_kahawa Dear CTA,
Was that the Union work slow down this morning or just regular rush hour service?

And how about something different — you all “Tweet” in comments with your own experiences or observations. Of course, that means 140 characters or less. There’s no character counter, but you can see the average length above.

C’mon Jack, MK, et al. I know you’re up for the short challenge!


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  • I'll take the first crack:

    kjo84 : #cta RedLine commute mixed bag-crowded, then not. Very odd. Definitely greater intervals between trains.

  • I don't tweet. I barel believe in a cell phone.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, just because you don't tweet doesn't mean you can't leave a short comment here about how your commute is going.

  • In reply to jack:

    Early 2 work every day since cuts. Trying different routes. Warning boss about the day I get there @11.

  • In reply to jack:

    This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • In reply to jack:

    The trains have actually been better for me, I get a seat to and from work now.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm not a member of the Twittering class, but I'll try my best to pretend. Maybe you're supposed to use one name all the time, but I thought I'd adjust them to my mood throughout my last 36 hours of commuting.

    Yesterday's fake tweets:

    marthairked: 25 people waiting for 49 at beginning of the route. Unusual. Not a good sign. Left late to avoid this.

    marthairked: 2 buses drop off without picking us up. WTF. Sardine-like when we finally board.

    Today's fake tweets:

    marthalivid: WB 66 operator deliberately slowing service. Chats with fellow operator for 5 minutes. Leaves mothers with babies, 2 elderly ladies and me out in the cold.

    marthalivid: Deploys safety shield. Never makes eye contact.

    marthalivid: Waits for lights to turn red. Passes up some stops. Back door alarm goes off. Doesn't acknowledge passenger trying 2 alight.

    marthalivid: Refuses to get off fat ass to hit reset button. Forces all passengers to crush thru standees to alight at front door.

    marthalivid: Mutter "fuck you" under breath while alighting. Childish yet cathartic.

    marthalivid: Record operator #, bus #, route, etc. Resume being pen pal with CTA.

    marthasad: CTA no longer BFF. Make mental note to get bike tuned up and have fender installed.

  • In reply to jack:

    Some thoughts in non-twitter form regarding changes to my local.

    Cutting service off on weekends for the Halsted bus at 12:30am just seems like a massive fail to me - way to encourage more people to take cars when they go out for a Saturday night because public transit is no longer the safe and cheap alternative to get home. I haven't looked around at any other major cross-town routes, but I'm making a guess that others are affected similarly? I anticipate a rise in drunk driving.

    Also, why not make cuts in the middle of the day? Seems like buses are empty then, but jammed in the diminished morning and evening rush hours.

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