More ATMs will earn CTA nearly $5 million over 5 years

The CTA will earn an estimated $4.7 million over the next five years from a contract to add more ATM machines at rail stations and replace the current machines. The CTA board earlier this month approved the new contract.

The contract will increase the number of ATM machines by about 50%, from 52 to 77. The new contract calls for Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank and Merchant Enterprises, Inc. to furnish, install, replenish, operate, and maintain the ATMs. Bank of America and Readycash ATMs no longer will be available at CTA rail stations. New ATMs will be placed at the Bank of America and Readycash locations.

Below is a snapshot of the new locations:



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  • That's alotta moola! This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    What gives me the feeling that this will replace TCFs at Jewel as a favorite robber target ("give me your card and pin or else!!!")? In my experience, all beggers could beg for before this was bus fare (although the better ones would want it to a distant suburb).

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