"Fake" tweets show 36 hours of increasing pain from service cuts for Martha

Tattler pal Martha shared her commuting pain over the last 36 hours in a comment on today’s post. It’s priceless — and painful — so I had to share it in a separate post:

I’m not a member of the Twittering class, but I’ll try my best to
pretend.  Maybe you’re supposed to use one name all the time, but I
thought I’d adjust them to my mood throughout my last 36 hours of

Yesterday’s fake tweets:

marthairked: 25 people waiting for 49 at beginning of the route.
Unusual. Not a good sign. Left late to avoid this.

marthairked: 2 buses drop off without picking us up. WTF.  Sardine-like
when we finally board.

Today’s fake tweets:

marthalivid: WB 66 operator deliberately slowing service.  Chats with
fellow operator for 5 minutes. Leaves mothers with babies, 2 elderly
ladies and me out in the cold.

marthalivid: Deploys safety shield. Never makes eye contact.

marthalivid: Waits for lights to turn red.  Passes up some stops.  Back
door alarm goes off.  Doesn’t acknowledge passenger trying 2 alight.

marthalivid: Refuses to get off fat ass to hit reset button.  Forces
all passengers to crush thru standees to alight at front door.

marthalivid: Mutter “f**k you” under breath while alighting.  Childish
yet cathartic.

marthalivid: Record operator #, bus #, route, etc.  Resume being pen
pal with CTA.

marthasad: CTA no longer BFF.  Make mental note to get bike tuned up
and have fender installed.


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  • This was hilarious. Until you realize that people are tweeting this for real.

  • I have a RL friend who used the x49 for a major part of her commute and she's really hating the cuts too.

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