Daley calls union, CTA together for one last shot at avoiding cuts

Mayor Daley is hosting a 4 pm meeting today between the CTA unions and CTA brass in a last-ditch effort to avoid bus and rail service cuts set to take effect this Sunday.

And the unions earlier today reiterated its proposal to save about $90 million by require an estimated 11,000 union members to take 10 furlough days each this year, and deferring wage hikes in 2011 through 2013. The former would save about $20 million, and the latter about $70 million.

But as I’ve said before, I’m not sure how deferring raises next year is going to help the CTA this year.

If Daley can pull a rabbit out of his hat on this one, he’ll deserve some accolades. And maybe even buy a few votes. Time will tell.


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  • Daley is the main reason that the CTA is in the mess that it is right now...imagine all that money spent on Block 37 put toward capital improvements/operating budgets instead of being flushed down the hole that is Block 37.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only thing he should be recognized for is trying to cover his ass.


  • Doomsday is here, head for the bunkers!

  • I had the Stones' "The Last Time" running through my head during my morning commute. Sorry to say I stayed out too long at our off-site meeting to catch the last northbound X49. Adios amigo!

  • In reply to marthat3:

    Martha, did you see the Redeye story that the X49 saved like three minutes? Maybe it won't be so bad?

  • In reply to marthat3:

    It's not about the time, Mr. Tattler. It's about the fact that the X49 empowered me to ditch the car and become transit dependent. I'll get over it eventually. The five stages of grief are cyclical, not linear. :)

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