CTA board member vows to take the CTA in the future to avoid that car accident

CTA board member Jackie Grimshaw says next time she will take the CTA during a snowstorm.

The Sun-Times reports she showed up at Gov. Quinn’s post-election party on Tuesday in a neck brace, explaining that a cab hit her car during a snowstorm.on Jan. 7:

Grimshaw said she had her car out that snowy day to run errands. But
the next time it snows, she said she “absolutely” plans to stick with
the CTA.

Good plan.


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  • You might remember my post about a month ago that Quinn disregarded the requirement in the MTA Act that CTA board members be "persons of recognized business ability" (70 ILCS 3605/19).

    Now maybe being a transit activist who served on numerous transportation-related boards* may be suitable qualification, but is it irony or hypocrisy that, like Carole Brown, the advocate of RTA tax hikes,** this transit activist doesn't ride transit?

    * http://www.cnt.org/news/2009/08/20/governor-quinn-appoints-jacky-grimshaw-to-cta-board/
    ** When asked on Ask Carole, she said she rode the bus about twice a month, because basically she didn't have the time to ride it to her real job at Lehman Brothers. Of course, once she resigned, she deleted the comment section of her blog.

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