A plethora of CTA news, with accompanying snarky comments

As usual these days, Thursday was another day filled with CTA news. Here’s a brief recap, with my own snarky comments.

  • RTA’s chief Stephen Schlickman announced he will resign in October. He’s hoping to miss the next Doomsday on Jan. 1 2011.
  • A lack of state cash is pushing the RTA to a “crisis point,” reports the Tribune. What, it took them this long to realize that?
  • New free rides category? “Crafty passengers” on the Brown Line enter through exit door with “panic bar,” says WBBM Newsradio 780. And you thought rich seniors were wily for using free passes.
  • Jesse, Terry to meet today. The Rev. Jackson and CTA board president Peterson have much to talk about.
  • And speaking of Jesse, if you missed the open letter to Jesse Jackson that ibright05 posted in comments yesterday, you really must take a moment to read it. Bottom line: “Stay out of this if you’re not going to be helpful.”


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  • Not to be picky, but Chicago Current said that the next Doomsday would be May, 2010, and Schlickman would still be around for that one.

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