Who, us? Suffering from CTA Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

This weekend a casting producer with A&E’s “Obsessed” documentary series about people suffering from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder asked me if I would solicit my readers for possible “patients” on their show.

So I’m thinking, does she really think we are so obsessed with the CTA that we belong on her show?

What do you think Martha, CJ, others? Do you fit the bill?

A&E’s critically acclaimed documentary series about people
suffering from severe OCD is looking for individuals that are in need
of help. “Obsessed” documents the therapeutic process of everyday
people suffering from OCD and follows their courageous journey to a
better life.

Is your OCD severely affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones?

Do you have intense rituals that prevent you from living your life the way you want to?

Are you ready to get your life back and learn how to manage your thoughts and actions?

Chosen applicants receive 12 weeks of free cognitive-behavioral
therapy from doctors and licensed therapists including: John
Tsilimparis, MFT, Karen Pickett, MFT, Dr. Shana Doronn, and Dr. Craig

For more information, send Melanie an Email.


Not all therapy sessions are taped.

CTA obsessive compulsives, unite! We should demand our own show!


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  • Ummm, huh? Has this sheltered producer ever ridden a train? It would be a very difficult environment for the OCD. I think she'd have better luck looking among the car show crazies. A frightening percentage of Americans are OCD about their cars. If you don't believe me, try just touching a couple cars on the street while the owner is watching.

  • In reply to carfreechicago:

    Wow, good point Lee. I was crossing with the light at an intersection a couple of weeks ago when a car nearly hit me trying to turn right against the light. I touched his front bumper and the driver just about had a stroke in yelling at me.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    I would have kicked his car, not just touched it.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    I've never heard of this show.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    I refuse to answer on the grounds that I may incriminate myself. :)

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    I can see how someone can develop OCD when it comes to the CTA. As for myself, I never touch anything on the CTA with my hands unless I use gloves or jacket sleeves. I also never place my backpack on either the floor or a seat. I think of the cta as a very nasty environment, especially during the winter.

  • In reply to carfreechicago:

    Oh cmon Kev, I'm not THAT bad. We all know who is...
    And yes, I'm saying that even though I'm already on this site and I woke up maybe 30 minutes ago.

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