Security cameras installed at 24 Green Line stations; Brown and Red lines next up

This news should give Green Line thieves pause: The CTA has completed the installation of security cameras at 24 Green Line stations. The CTA now has camera coverage at half of its 144 stations.

Mayor Daley and the CTA brass came together last weekend to talk about the $4 million Green Line security project, funded by $22.6 million from the Department of Homeland Security. With this installation, the CTA’s rail system now has 1,657 cameras at 73 rail stations.

The press release also noted:

CTA also is launching a pilot program to explore the feasibility of
retrofitting CTA’s current rail cars with cameras. The pilot will help
identify costs and the most efficient design and technology upgrades
needed in order to operate the cameras. This pilot, funded by $800,000
in FTA grants, is expected to begin this spring. New rail cars already
on order will come equipped with cameras.

This is good news. All buses are currently equipped with cameras. A camera helped convict Michael Pace for the murder of Blair Holt. And these cameras come none too soon, after all the reports of Green Line thefts and assaults.


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  • I do not think cameras can be linked to crime prevention, which is what is needed on public transportation.

  • They won't be linked to anything. This will be used for big important cases, but not much else. My friend was assaulted near a camera, but they refused to check the tapes. This is just an illusion of safety.

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