Please keep off the rail tracks people: two incidents cut Red, Blue line service

Service on both the Red Line and Blue Line was interrupted today. No one was seriously injured.

Just after midnight today a drunk guy threw up on himself and staggered forward and fell onto the tracks at the Howard station. Power was cut immediately and the intoxicated fellow was extricated from the Red Line track. He was not injured, but was hospitalized for observation.

Then later this morning a man was struck by a Blue Line train in the subway tunnel near Van Buren. Service was cut for about 30 minutes. The man was hospitalized, but not seriously injured.

People, please be a little more careful out there, OK?

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  • Apparently two incidents in the last 24 hours of people being assaulted on trains (1) for the iPod, and (2) one because of being accused of being gay.

    Of course, it seems like everything in the news is two today, including two basketball coaches being fired, sources say, and two pasty guys claiming that the President isn't black enough (the latter a known person with delusions).

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