Human warmer or pizza warmer? And, Green Line derailment workers fired

A Facebook friend posted this as her update on Tuesday:

saw a man standing on the hand rails in the “warming booth” at the Belmont station this morning. His head and hands up were up in the heat lamps. As I was wondering why they even put hand rails in those booths, he bounced down holding a paper plate with a slice of pizza. Now wondering if THAT’S why they put the handrails there.

Four CTA employees fired in wake of derailment. And in other totally unrelated, the four CTA employees who had been suspended for their roles in the Green Rail derailment last month have now been fired, ABC7 News reports.

Their union is beefing the firings, saying the CTA is liable for the derailment. Umm, OK, let’s see now. A motorman runs through a stop signal. Another motorman in last car tries to back out of a bad situation and the train derails. And the CTA is liable. Union President Robert Kelly: Please explain.


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  • Also, if you ask Jennifer Fernicola, the talk about a class action on the TV news Monday evening is pure mortadella. Basically 5 ILCS 315/8 requires that any grievance matter like that go to arbitration. In the case of the track inspectors, ABC7 reported that the arbitrator wouldn't reinstate them, but Big Baby (the nickname he acknowledged) was on the air saying how he would fight on.

    However, both sides use the press to disseminate their legal disinformation. Remember when Huberman said that CTA workers were essential public safety workers who can't strike. Not so. Not even CTA's lawyers argued that before the Illinois Appellate Court, only that the union didn't go through the 7 steps necessary to call a job action (which, in that case, was just pamphleting, not a strike).

    So, without even going into the facts of the case, it doesn't appear that the union spokesperson has a legal leg on which to stand, not that that is stopping him, nor the press, which passes on what he "says." So, Kelly is not going to explain, since he can't with a straight face, and no one else in the media is going to challenge what he said.

  • He's just trying to save face with union members. Those workers screwed up and they're gone. There are plenty of people they can hire in this economy if they need to replace them.

  • I remember last year when a homeless person was trying to heat food (and light a cigarette) from the heat lamp at the Jefferson Park bus terminal... that 68 took forever to get there!

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