Calm before the service cuts storm: Weekend work slows Blue, Orange lines

Welcome to the last full weekend before CTA service cuts go into effect on Sunday, Feb. 7. A week from Sunday you’ll see greater intervals between trains and buses, and service will stop earlier.

But hey, that’s next weekend. This weekend, there will be some boarding changes on the Blue Line between LaSalle and Grand from 10 pm Friday till 6 am Saturday, and from 10 pm Saturday till 7 am Sunday.

And the Orange Line will operate on the Brown Line tracks from 5:50 am till 3 pm Sunday. Orange Line trains will
operate counterclockwise on the Outer Loop. The first stop on the Loop
will be Adams/Wabash and the last stop on the Loop will be
Library-State/Van Buren.


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  • it's all the unions fault.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    BTW, with the stories Sunday that all the sudden, Jefferson is willing to give Rodriguez what he wants, but Rodriguez saying he never heard that at the bargaining table, maybe Jefferson got the message ibill and probably the ridership and the 1100 to be laid off were sending.

    However, I assume that ibill was being sarcastic.

  • Does anyone know whether the planned cuts and their impact to the budget will to be monitored any differently than the usual reporting methods? In other words, can we be 100% certain that the Feb 7th changes will reduce expenses (as well as service)? It would be nice to know that CTA could control their planned budget.

  • I am so.tired.of listening to the Doomsday announcement.

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