Bus stop photos and No Pants Day on the CTA highlight the weekend

This weekend features the Friday opening of a photo exhibit on CTA bus stops, and the Sunday mass trouser drop — No Pants Day on the CTA. Good stuff.

Chicago photographer Robert CV Lieberman shows his Bus Stop Chicago exhibit from 6 till 10 pm Friday at the Playful Zen Gallery, 2147 S Lumber St., Studio 516, in Chicago. Preview his work here. (Hat tip to Bob.)

Starting at noon on Sunday, folks who like not wearing pants on the CTA when it’s 20 degrees will meet at Berger Park, corner of Granville and Sheridan. Then they’ll hike a couple of blocks to the El for the Ninth Annual No Pants Day, sponsored by Improv Everywhere.

Enjoy, and do send me some photos!


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  • On the news I saw, they only showed people crowding a subway platform (at Roosevelt). I assume that geothermal insulation means that it is usually about 50 degrees there.

    Now, if there is evidence that they were on an L platform at about 14 degrees and a wind chill of about 7, please post a link to that.

  • In reply to jack:


    There are some pictures here of some of us on the L platforms; we very much so did stand around outside in the freezing cold (me on the Belmont stop, which, in retrospect, doesn't seem all that weird for Belmont) and windchill. It was about 10 or 11 degrees out before windchill, so it was pretty cold out.

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