Weekend work; Tattler Holiday Train meet-up is Saturday

Go read my post from last Friday on the weekend work on the Blue and Green lines for the coming weekend.


OK, that was easy. Meanwhile, on the Red Line, trains won’t stop at Argyle and Lawrence going southbound from 10 pm Friday till 6 pm Sunday for track maintenance.

CTA Tattler Holiday Train Meet-up. Most important, don’t miss the Holiday Train this weekend, especially the Tattler meet-up on Saturday. We’ll pile into the first car of the Orange Line train when it stops at Roosevelt at 1:24 pm on Saturday. More details here.

We’ll ride the train as it changes into a Brown Line. At Western we’ll disembark and head directly for some Christmas cheer. It looks like there’s now a growing groundswell of support for stopping at the Grafton. And seeing as it’s an Irish pub, and I happen to be 100% Irish, that sounds like a fabulous plan.

And the best news is that the temperatures should be balmy — in the 30s! Sure looking forward to seeing you all there!


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  • Can we just meet you at the Grafton?

  • In reply to MareSwallow:

    Maere, I'd love to see you at the Grafton. We should be there by 2:15 or so. Be there!

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