Scenes from the rush hour Holiday Train

I saw that the CTA’s Holiday Train was heading north on the Red Line just as I would be Leaving work, so I decided to wait for it.

I watched the faces of the tired and bored commuters light up as it entered my station, with Santa waving from the open, flat-bed car.

Tattler readers enjoy the ride (Feature - Small)

The train was quite crowded with both families and commuters. Moms and daughters were wearing flashing Santa hats and reindeer ears.

People around me were asking questions like: How many trains are there (one) and Do they travel all rail lines (yes).

At Belmont, the northbound Holiday Train (Red Line) pulled into the station on Track 1 on the Brown Line side.

The conductor (yes, there was one) told us that it was waiting for three or four other Red Line trains to pass before it would proceed north. So I got off and switched to the regular Red Line train.

On that train, the motorman was kindly announcing at subsequent stations that the Holiday Train would come soon:

“You may see one or two regular service revenue trains first, but the Christmas Train – er – Holiday Train will be arriving shortly.”

Oops! He slipped up and used the “C” word! And what’s up with “regular service revenue trains”? Didn’t I pay a fare to board the Holiday Train?

Regardless, a good time was had by all on the Holiday Train, as per usual. 

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