Looking for strange CTA stories about your New Year's Eve trek

It seems like Halloween night is one of the stranger nights to experience on the CTA, with lots of drunk people acting out in bizarre costumes.

But New’s Year’s Eve usually comes in a close second — lots of drunk people acting out, some in costume, most not. And the CTA usually makes it easy to ride with its one penny fare promotion from 8 pm till 6 am New Year’s Day.

Early next week I’ll be posting some of the strange stories about CTA and New Year’s that no doubt will crop up on Twitter — hopefully with even stranger photos!

So, if you have an interesting CTA Tattler Tale to tell about your New Year’s Eve ride, Tweet away, and include the #cta hashtag. Or, just email me!


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  • I'm in the burbs, and I do not have any CTA NYE stories, but I am looking forward to reading other people's adventures! This blog made today's (Dec. 29) "Hot Blogs" on Hot on ChicagoNow! Hope it aids traffic here and induces some tales! (http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hot-on-chicagonow/)

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