Keeping the heat in while standing at the station

“We’ll be opening the doors and then closing them to keep the heat in.”

I heard that from a motorman for the second time today, when I really
don’t ever recall hearing that in my many years of commuting. Are they
just more caring these days or was that a CTA directive?

I mean, it makes sense. Why not do it more? And with train intervals
set to increase
Feb. 7, I suspect there will be more occasions where
trains sit at a station to increase gaps between service. 


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  • when I heard this last week the train driver repeatedly said the emergency handle is not to be used unless it is an emergency, the train doors will open, and passengers are not to make personal use of the emergency handle. But he said the last thing several more times, sounding pretty annoyed by it.

  • I heard my first Doomsday announcement of the year this morning on the 148. It talked about how the trains would not run as often and how many express buses would be one of the ones eliminated

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