Final days for Holiday Train on Red, Purple and Yellow lines

The CTA’s Holiday Train hits the rails for its last three days this week. Here are the schedules for the Red, Purple, and Yellow lines. The train runs from 3 to 7 pm each day.

It’s also kinda neat just to watch it roll past from street level.


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  • I caught the train, both planned and unplanned, several times this season. Even though I've ridden it for years, I'm always struck by how amazing it is.

    The only thing that puts a damper on the train is the guy who has been making the announcements most of the times I have ridden in the last few years. (I don't think it is the operator because he seems to vary --- I read somewhere they let only their best operators work it.) The guy who makes the announcement seems to just like to hear himself talk - he repeats most things at least 3 times. (Got it -- the doors open on the left. That hasn't changed in the four times you've said it since we left the last station) And sometimes it seems like he starts talking before he knows what he's going to say. (It's going to be a Pink Line, no it's going to be a Green, no it's going to be a Pink...)

    However, there have been others who have made announcements - and I'd like to hear more of some of them instead. There was another guy who made announcements (I think it was a Sunday on the BLue Line). He was great. In addition to the standard CTA announcements (Next stop..., this is..., doors closing, etc) he told jokes, shared Christmas trivia, posed little quizzes, encouraged singing and generally got riders involved. He was like the entertaining MC of the train. Lots of fun and sure beats the harsh drill master announcer I have encountered many other times. The operators who do get to make their own announcements really seem to be enjoying the train, too.

  • Guess what I won't be operating Wednesday?

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