El cuff links make perfect gift for transit geeks

There’s still time to get your transit geek friends some
El cuff links or other CTA tschotske for Christmas — or graduation,
as the case may be.

El cuff links

And for me, the latter is the case, as today I graduate from Roosevelt
University with a Masters in Business Administration, Marketing

My friend Nina gave me some lovely El train cuff links to commemorate the event. Thanks Nina!

And thanks to all my friends at work who surprised me yesterday with
cake and a little party to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

OK, that’s enough self-indulgence for one day. And you can find some great CTA gifts at ctagifts.com — strangely enough!


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  • First off, congrats!
    Second, my friend Ryan got them as a wedding gift from one of his brothers. I fully expect to get a pair for mine.

  • I'm holding out for the "rusty screw" cufflinks myself. Congrats on the milestone, Kevin....

  • Congratulations, Master Tattler!

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