Commentary on customer's platform fumble

Train announcement from motorman outside Berwyn station:

“Attention passengers. We’ll be standing here momentarily while a
customer assistant retrieves a cell phone that a passenger dropped on
the right-of-way.”


After we had finally pulled in and then left the station:


Is that so rare? Have you ever dropped something from the platform that had to retrieved from the rail bed?

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  • Not on the platform, but it sure sounds like Poncho had a similar incident in Pooch Cafe today.

  • I think i did one time. Can't remember what it was (a book for school I think) but I jumped down to the tracks (Red Line along the expressway) and got it back. I remember how high up the platform was from the tracks, a lot higher than it looks. As I struggled a bit to get back up I recall thinking, what if I can't lift myself up here? How do I get back up if a train is coming. But obviously i made it.

  • Oh and I remember one time standing at the Adams and Wabash stop during a crowded rush hour and watching some little girl holding her mother's hand and swinging her foot and her shoe came off and flew onto the tracks. Her mother didn't notice and the little girl stood there and slowly hid her un-shoed foot behind her leg. Not sure if she got that shoe back.

  • I think there's still a pair of white shoes on the northbound tracks at Clark/Division. Been there for weeks. One of them is under the third rail; I keep imagining someone retrieving that one with a wooden yardstick or something, but maybe I'm wrong in thinking a wooden thing wouldn't be safe to use.

  • Not exactly on topic, but I heard over the intercom at Fullerton last night someone announcing that the button someone just pushed on the other platform was not for heat but to summon a worker to that platform. I hope the person making that announcement was correct in assuming someone just pushed the wrong button and didn't really need an assistance. I don't criticize the people working in the stations in general, but I've never seen anyone respond when those customer service buttons are pushed.

  • I actually have... I was a bit intoxicated last winter and playing with an expensive new Zippo lighter near the edge in the Jackson blue line stop. We had been waiting 30+ minutes and of course I drop it onto the tracks as the train is about to pull in... At the time I lived in the 'burbs but nonetheless the next day my friend and I went back with a stick with a hook on the end and retrieved the Zippo from below. :)

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