Bus Tracker second most popular local Google search for 2009

Folks searching for the next arrival time of a CTA bus — at ctabustracker.org — accounted for the second most popular Google search in the city for 2009. And the RTA Trip Planner was No. 4.

The No. 1 local search was for the Chicago Public Schools Instructional Management Program and Academic Communication Tool. (Martha, which one did you use more this year?)

And congrats to a fellow blogger, Second City Cop, who showed up as No. 3 in the list.


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  • It is a shame that RTA Trip Planner was up there, as it is basically inaccurate. Google Transit is much better, and should be used in preference to goroo (the new name of the RTA Trip Planner) by any CTA or Metra customer. The only justification for it is that Google Transit doesn't cover Pace yet. Yet, the RTA spends millions in public money for something that free enterprise (Google) does much better.

    On the more humorous level, it still hasn't been explained why so many Scandinavians (or people with those IP numbers) hit the Bus Tracker site (according to CTA).

  • In reply to jack:

    FWIW, Jack, I categorically disagree. I've had consistently miserable experiences with Google Transit, and use the Trip Planner a few times a week and find it remarkably accurate. However, I've also been disappointed by "goroo," which is not the RTA Trip Planner I use. Use the real one at http://tripsweb.rtachicago.com/ and see if you're still annoyed.

  • From the comments section of the original breaking news article about the Norwegian thing:

    "Doesn't anyone do their research - either the CTA or Trib? Opera Mini is the web-browsing portal used by many Blackberry and wireless device users. Opera's proxy servers are/were in Oslo. I would guess that the geniuses at the CTA are also scratching their heads wondering why people in Indianapolis are using their site. Indy is the home to more Opera servers."


  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    Thanks. I should have figured as much, and left that possibility open by saying IP numbers.

    For that matter, while "adult dating" sites state that I am where I am,* the Tribune's former Topix site had various roaming, but incorrect locations.

    *Not that I would subscribe to their services.

  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    I can't imagine how CPS would have generated the most queries for IMPACT. Maybe the Norweigians are involved? It's all the more curious because no one ever uses its full name and many of us have come up with alternate acronyms, which I can't repeat since this is a family blog. If the searches were in the form of "IMPACT +sucks" or "IMPACT +fundamentally flawed" or "IMPACT +my life is a living hell because my job takes five times as long as it used to," I could understand. If only IMPACT worked .0001% as well as Bus Tracker. Bus Tracker makes my life easier and allows me use my time more efficiently. IMPACT makes my life more difficult and makes me use my time much more inefficiently. I wonder if RonH is still dropping by to check out the Flickr feed....

  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    Martha, thank you for not disappointment me by providing a pithy comment.

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