$240,000 in screwdrivers and hammers, and layoffs: Items of note from CTA board agenda

The CTA board meets for the last time in 2009, a year that has proven to be tumultuous and challenging for both the board and staff.

In fact, it’s been so tumultuous that the leaders of board and staff on Jan. 1 are now both gone. President Ron Huberman left in February to succeed Arne Duncan as Chicago Public Schools CEO; Board Chairwoman Carole Brown resigned in September, saying it was the right time to leave.

But the board’s business continues under new leadership, with Terry Peterson as chair; Richard Rodriguez is the president. Some of that business is very mundane, and other business is very serious stuff. At today’s meeting we see both. Here are some items of business, straight from the regular meeting agenda or from the Committee on Finance, Audit and Budget. .

  • To approve an ordinance authorizing reductions in force to meet 2010 Operating Budget requirements.
  • To approve an ordinance authorizing an Intergovernmental Cooperation agreement between the Chicago Transit Authority and the City of Chicago, by and through its Department of Police, for public safety, pursuant to a Homeland Transit Security Grant.

The board also will approve 22 purchase or sales award recommendations. Among them:

  • For an estimated $240,000: Various tools including, but not limited to, screwdrivers and bits, nut drivers, pliers, hammers, saw blades, hole saws, reamers, miscellaneous cutters and accessories, chisels, awls, levels, rulers, hacksaw frames, miscellaneous knives and blades, pry and pinch bars as required for a period of 36 months from date of contract execution.
  • Block 37 work for almost $297.000: Provide all labor, material and engineering services necessary to modify the existing underground utility infrastructure to accommodate the future construction of two new connecting subway tunnels linking the existing CTA Red and Blue Lines to a new CTA transit station located within the substructure levels of the 108 North State Street development project.

I will report later on details behind some of these items.

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  • Just some more money for Block 37. Compared to the $300 million reportedly already sunk into this, that's just 10% more. Also, why is this apparently CTA money rather than TIF (as asked yesterday)?

    Which just goes to show that no matter what the "management turnover," neither the manager, and certainly not the board is in control. I note that nobody refutes me on that point, nor can they.

  • In reply to jack:

    I should have said 0.1% more. Math part of the brain not awake a half hour ago.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sounds like they are not giving up on making it a super station with express service to the airport.

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