2009 CTA zanies - Q4: Scary bus fight (not CTA); vomit seat warning; don't mess with her

We close out 2009 with this look at crazy CTA stuff from the last three months of the year.

lotsa bags cat.jpg

October: My pal Tovi showed us a surprise among a mountain of bags. We covered the case of the stinky CD and the non-responsive driver. It didn’t happen on the CTA, but certainly it could have — the scary bus fight between two women. We sponsored our first CTA Tattler Pub Crawl. Stinky Man struck again in the odiferous train car.

November: A reader told us how she accidentally became an extra on the filming of “Little Fockers.” The CTA stroller accident continued to baffle us and the police. We learned the real story behind the CTA train line colors from Cecil and the Straight Dope. I mentioned this in the news wrapup last week, and it deserves notice here for being the strangest bus photo ever. A polite rider gave us fair notice about the vomit seat. Another of those wacky train emergency signs popped up.

December: The month started off with a transvestite who was NOT to be messed with. We dug the Holiday Train on the second CTA Tattler Holiday Train Meetup. The Trib’s best new holiday song was about riding the CTA, natch. A motorman could not resist giving a little commentary on a customer’s platform fumble. We looked at the perfect CTA-related gifts for transit geeks.

Yes, folks, it was another wild and crazy year on the CTA. Here’s to an even better 2010!

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading CTA Tattler!

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