2009 CTA zanies - Q3: Annoying cellers and screamers; singing on the bus; stinky and obnoxious passengers

We continue our end-of year wrap-up of crazy stuff we saw or did on the CTA in 2009. Today, we look at July, August and September.

cute puppy.jpg

July: There was a toss-up in “what’s more annoying” between the celling teen and the screaming senior citizen. More helicopter lifts disrupted bus routes. And we brought you the annual photo of the cute pet on the CTA.

August: I love train rides to ballgames for the excitement factor. One August ride to Sox Park brought out the Bible reader and the imbiber, mere feet from each other. Wilson station and the #156 LaSalle were voted worst station and bus line. I managed to work a Mad Men mention into a post. A rousing chorus of “Lean on Me” perked up riders on the #8 Halsted. New York City packed some punch behind its ad plea to give the disabled your seat.

September: An umbrella comes in handy for dealing with “Mr. Leg Spreader.” We saw the CTA Grammarian hard at work on an ad. A wide majority of you readers think stinky people should be banned from the CTA. Ads from the 2016 Olympics Committee really annoyed bus passengers. A bus rider gave some rather strange reasons to prefer McDonald’s food. We discussed how to deal with an obnoxious passenger.

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