2009 CTA zanies - Q1: Riders drop trou, a most explicit rant, clever bus wrap ideas

Last week I chronicled 2009 in the news for the CTA. This week we’ll look at some of the crazy CTA Tattler tales from this past year. We’ll look at one quarter per day through Thursday.

January: A bunch of crazies dropped their drawers and rode the CTA on a cold January Saturday. The motorman urged us to “make your adjustments.” A national magazine ranked the CTA third in public transit “friendliness”.

February. We discussed the fine art of begging on the CTA. And we heard about the incredible self-eating stomach. Who knew the CTA was full of so many polite and prayerful passengers? I’ve heard may people ranting on the CTA, but the one I heard in February really topped them all — very vicious and most explicit.

March: Anyone can fantasize right? In March we looked at some “fantasy” CTA bike enhancements. We encountered a beggar and his reluctant 8-year-old partner. We warned against the notorious Red Line bandit. And my unscientific study revealed female CTA passengers were more voracious readers than their male counterparts. Finally, we found some clever ad bus wrap ideas for the CTA.

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