T-Mobile flubs sweet marketing effort on subway service

On my way home tonight, I was handed a small bag of M&Ms by a nice young lady outside the Grand/State subway station. The bag said:

Now arriving on the “L”

Service available on the
red and blue lines

The treat’s on us

That’s it. Seems rather cryptic. Except, since I’m the CTA Tattler, I know right away T-Mobile was trying to hype the new availability of phone and data service in the subway tunnels. Except it didn’t say “subway” or “tunnel” anywhere on the little bag. Now, that’s just bad marketing.

So I’ve taken the liberty of editing the copy for T-Mobile. And hey T-Mobile, you don’t even have to give me credit.

T-Mobile M&M ad.jpg


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  • The Editor emerges!

  • Whoop-de-do. Now when is the long promised AT&T service going into effect?

  • Ah, so you're an iPhone user Tankboy? Good question actually. The CTA signed he AT&T agreement before the one with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile came online first. Not sure why.

  • I still wish they would fix the verizon dead zones between grand and north/clybourn. It's annoying...maybe ATT could make fun of those "dead zones" in a commercial...lol


  • Has anyone heard rumors of Sprint doing a deal like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T?

  • Verizon/Cricket/T-Mobile, etc. use the shared antenna system and lease 'space' from the CTA. There's dead zones between stations for a moment for me too. im sure the 'deadness' may vary by carrier/phone, etc.

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