Exercise while waiting for #22 Clark?

When you think of waiting for the #22 Clark Street bus, what thoughts enter your brain?

Interminable wait times? Cursing the frequent bus bunching? Doing squats at the bus stop?

What, not the latter? Well, Stephanie Mansour thinks you should, and she shows us — very quickly — how to make your wait time be lose weight time.

Hat tip to Jasmine at Gapers Block


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  • Ha! Also, I feel like I should point out my friend Byl, who brought the video to my attention in the first place. I haven't seen Steph myself, but I look forward to it eventually. Also, someone doing squats is not the strangest thing I've ever encountered at a bust stop. Probably the healthiest, in fact.

  • Haha, nice. This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • Wouldn't making people sweaty before getting on a crowded bus in warm weather be a bad thing?

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