CTA touts airport service; Miller Lite plugs free Saturday buses

The CTA is urging us to use the Orange and Blue Lines to Midway and O’Hare on Thursday, and Miller Lite is pushing its double-decker buses every Saturday during this holiday (drinking) season.

Wednesday and Sunday are the busiest travel days of the year. Longer trains on the Orange, Brown, Green and Blue lines beginning in the afternoon on Wednesday will help ease the pain. And the Blue Line slow zone elimination project means air travelers leaving from the Loop now can reach O’Hare with 40 to 45 minutes.

So help keep cars off the road this week and use the CTA.

Meanwhile, Miller Lite for the first time is offering free bus rides on Saturdays between the Loop and Wrigleyville, with stops in between at busy El stations and popular restaurants and drinking establishments. The free rides run 8 pm till midnight through Dec. 26. Check here for details on the route.

And the Holiday Train too! And of course the Holiday Train runs on the Pink Line Wednesday, the Blue Line Friday, and the Blue and Pink lines Sunday. Check the Web site for details on times and stations.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, your friends and family!


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  • I'm surprised that CTA isn't complaining that Miller is infringing on its exclusive rights under the enabling ordinance, and depriving it of its ability to lose at least $1.07 per passenger. I saw, logging in, that all Miller is recommending in its home town is a link to MCTS schedules.

    On the other hand, riders have been posting on various Internet forums on how they want CTA beer runs, so apparently Miller was listening to them. However, they didn't accommodate a guy who wanted a bus into Berwyn.

  • In Milwaukee Miller picks up the tab for people riding any MCTS bus during specific parts of specific day such as NYE, or St. Patrick's Day.

  • I'd say walking is best for the holiday drunkards but here are a few more options:


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