CTA continues to cram Red, Blue Line work into the weekend

Blue Line slow zone continues this weekend from 10 pm Friday till 4 am Monday, with bus substitution between Clark/Lake and UIC-Halsted stations.

On the Red and Brown Lines this weekend, the east side platform will be closed from 9 pm Friday till 5:30 am Sunday for platform work.

Check here for more details, and bus route changes.


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  • This is off topic,but I want this idea out there in case I get hit by a bus or something.
    The C.T.A. should offer a fare card that is also a check card.It doesn't matter if fare card readers or credit/debit readers are incompatible.Simply have 2 strips on the card,1 for each system.If 2 strips would cancel each other out at times,go with the 2 card method,each card could access the account although they were compatible with only one reading system.

  • If a two-card system would be acceptable, what's wrong with the Chicago Card Plus system, where the transit card is linked to a credit or debit card? Hopefully you can explain before you are hit by that bus.

  • The card could serve as a de facto bank account for those that couldn't get a regular bank account,debit card or credit card.It also would be popular with people that wanted an anonymous debit card.

  • And why should the CTA provide such cards for people who can't get a ragular bank account, debit card or credit card?

    Just trying to understand.

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