Coke "incentivises" London Tube musicians, asks them to play jingle

Coca-Cola has signed a deal with the London Underground to sponsor 33 mini-stages for performers. Coke will provide singers and musicians with sheet music and CDs in hopes they will sing the company’s “Holidays Are Coming” jingle.

But not all “buskers” are buying into the idea. “Not in a million years will I play some Coke jingle. . . . What a daft idea,” a musician told the London Evening Standard. No musician will be forced to play, but some “incentives” will be offered.

Gee, maybe here’s some more non-fare revenue for the CTA to pursue.

CTA “vision” meetings start tonight. If you’re a Purple Line or Red Line north rider, remember to attend one of the four vision sessions being sponsored by the CTA this week. See the schedule here.

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