One hurt as CTA bus hits light pole on West Side

Chicago Breaking News has details on the story.

Have you ever been involved in a train or bus accident? Do you feel safe from accidents on the CTA?

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  • Never been directly involved. But I did have a nice little car totaled when my wife parked it on the street in front of the grocery store and (while she and our youngest were in the store, thank God) a not-in-service CTA bus rammed it and sent it airborne to land in the store's lot. The driver's story varied from "she fell asleep" to "something got in her eye" before she locked herself in the bus and refused to talk to anyone until a supervisor arrived. After weeks of haggling, we managed to get a settlement from the CTA that was only a little less than the car's worth. The driver? Who knows. Got an off-the-record warning and was back behind the wheel the next day, would be my guess.

    Notwithstanding, I feel pretty safe while riding the CTA. That was one incident in thirty-plus years in the city. Still, it was about five minutes from being a tragic incident, and I still see the occasional bus driver who apparently got licensed through the George Ryan Driving School.

  • In reply to rastewart:

    As a CTA operator who actually earned his CDL before coming to CTA, I have to admit that while sitting through CTA's training, I was more than a little upset at how they hand out CDLs like halloween candy. CTA's training program is 99% "fare structure and disciplinary guidelines" and 1% "learning to drive a commercial vehicle."

  • In reply to rastewart:

    I'm going on year three of carlessness and ever-increasing bus riding (at least two trips per day on average). In that time I've been involved in only one very minor accident that was not the bus operator's fault. Close calls? There have been a few, but that's what happens when a car decides to play chicken with a vehicle four times its size. Having said that, you just confirmed my suspicions about CTA bus operator training, Chicagoside. I guess there's nothing like real-life experience. :)

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